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22nd May 2014 by Nomine | Views: 2406 | Replies: 0
I'm trying to get rid of all the spambots, unfortunately it has proved harder than choosing a better captcha.
It's mostly trial and error, and a lot of spam is getting deleted rather often so if you registered an account and I deleted it, then sorry!
Please try registering again, and if you could send me a message so I don't mistake your account for spam that would be great.
Hopefully this will be sorted soon and the forum will be a bit more stable, though a tad less active :roll:


12th April 2014 by Nomine | Views: 1978 | Replies: 0
Website is mostly done, and should be working without any more coding needed. There are a few things here and there that I would like to make in the future, but I'll leave it for when it actually becomes used. The layout could use some improvements as well, but there are lots of other things higher on my list atm. So this should be it for now, if anything looks funky let me know I'll take a look and try to fix it.

Over and out.